Download Free Pokemon ROM Hacks

Free Pokemon ROM Hacks for GBA emulator

Pokémon GBA: ROM Hacks – This is How it Works

Pokémon ROM Hacks are versions of the game that were developed by other players and whose ROM files are usually free to download. If you want to play a Pokémon Hack, you need, in addition to the ROM file, an additional tool for your Mac, PC or Android smartphone.

These are Pokémon hacks for Game Boy Advance

Hacks are versions of the game Pokémon that were not developed by Nintendo but by other players. These are mostly based on certain Pokémon editions and have been modified so that the games contain new items, cards, different music or better skills for the Pokémon.

To play a Pokémon Hack, you need the ROM file of the respective game, which can be found in our list above. The most common one is the GBA (Game Boy Advance) game.

How you can use the Pokémon ROM Hacks

In order to be able to use the ROM files of the hack games, which are mostly available in ips or ups format, you need a suitable patching tool. Which tool is suitable for this depends on which device you want to play on.

To play a Pokémon hack on the Android smartphone, either install a GPS emulator or a GPS patcher app on the device. You can easily download good apps like “My Boy”, “ROM Patcher” or “John GBA” onto your device for free.

If you use a Mac, you can play the hacks using the “MultiPatch patching tool”. The tool is free and available for all devices with macOS 10.7 or later.

Under Windows you can play the hacks either with the “Lunar IPS Patcher” or the “UPS Patcher”.

Cheat Codes for rare Pokemons, items and attacks.

This guide gives you an overview of numerous Action Replay Codes with which you can unlock rare Pokémon, items and attacks. Some cheats increase the status values of your Pokémon or give you the necessary evolution stones.

You can also find Freezer Codes for all Pokémon in the Emerald Edition. If you want to catch rare Shiny Pokémon, we have the right cheat codes ready for you.